Important information when submitting photographs for a commission

Image credit 'Fardogart'

Hi, just a word or two regarding the importance of clear images when submitting photographs for a commission.

There is no easy way to put this, but you would not believe some of the images I receive from people, who, with the very best of intentions, expect miracles. What do I mean? Well, all to frequently I despair when yet another batch of fuzzy, distant, blurred images arrive in my email inbox asking for a quote. I can't emphasise enough just how vitally important it is for me to be able to work from pin sharp, close-up, ‘portrait style’ photographs, photographs taken at the subjects level and in natural light - never with flash.

Above is an example of the kind of photograph I require to produce the best results. I want you to enjoy your portrait but to accomplish this, I must have the best possible images to work from.

Thank you for your understanding.


Willow said...

I still don’t know how you manage to produce such excellent work from some of the iffy photos you do accept.

Melanie Reid said...

I love your drawings! They are amazingly lifelike!! :) I also enjoy drawing animals in pencil. :)